About Magnolia

About Magnolia

Magnolia is an International Jewelry Branded Chain that exhibits high quality fashionable and trendy collection of jewelry. The exceptional offering and unique retail concept answer the needs of discerning women with fashion-sensitive tastes who seek one-of-a-kind designs, genuine value at affordable prices along with a friendly and professional service experience.

Launched in 1996, Magnolia has grown to become one of the largest retailer of handcrafted designer jewelry. Today, Magnolia has branches in Israel and Portugal with further global expansion on the way.

A tantalizingly diverse collection of handcrafted jewelry made from the highest quality metals can be found at every one of our locations.

Among the metals we use are 925 silver, gold plating, stainless steel and various other metals.

In order to ensure our customer satisfaction and meet international standards, our jewelry undergoes rigorous quality testing.



Paying special attention to detail, Magnolia’s designers dream big and refine their final product by hand. Our approach to fashion and jewelry is unconventional: We find beauty in the subtleties of the unique quality of the materials that simply cannot be duplicated.



We recognize the individual's desire to make a statement that is all your own. Our limited stock policy ensures that only one of each design is available in every store.


Company Overview

Company Overview

  • Magnolia is a retailer of Magnolia-branded handcrafted sterling silver jewellery.

  • It sells through 91 kiosks located in high footfall malls in Israel (80 outlets), Portugal (11).

  • The jewellery is handmade, with the customer having a wide range of choices over designs and colour stones.

  • Kiosks are typically between 12-15 square metres (sqm) i.e. 5m x 2.4m or 6m x 2.4m and are staffed by a manager, a deputy manager and a number of assistants.

  • Each kiosk carries 1,000-2,000 product lines so revenue is not reliant on any one item and Magnolia introduces [100-200] new products per month to its range, giving a constant flow of new and updated designs.

  • Magnolia operates 3 e-commerce web sites. Israeli, Portuguese and global, and they are the main business driver of the company.


  • Magnolia was founded in 1995, operating from a single store in Kfar Saba, Israel.

  • By 2007 the Magnolia was acquired by Markstone Capital, with the aim of developing the business into a significant international silver jewellery retailer.

  • In 2008 the Group expanded swiftly into the overseas market, opening kiosks in Portugal, Canada, Australia, Spain and the UK.

  • IN 2016 Markstone sold Magnolia to Ben Yehuda Jewelry and the two companies marge their operations.

Key strengths

  • High sales per square metre (sqm) which gives a high gross profit margin of over 70%.

  • Low capex – operating the kiosk model means low capex due to low initial investment, low maintenance, and no sunk costs as kiosks are re-usable;

  • Smart IT and logistics systems allow tight stock management, strong pricing control globally and daily sales monitoring via Qlikview with KPI's for each territory.

  • Strong e-com operation.


Our Branches

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Mr. Nissan Ben Yehuda

Mr. Nissan Ben Yehuda

owner of Ben Yehuda Jewelry

Nissan Ben Yehuda is the owner of Ben Yehuda Jewelry that was established by his late father in 1938. Ben Yehuda Jewelry engaged in the production and wholesale sale of silver jewelry, focusing on the Israeli market but also worldwide.

Since 1996, Ben Yehuda Jewelry, was one of the biggest suppliers of Magnolia Group.

In 2016 Ben Yehuda Jewelry, acquired Magnolia from Markstone Capital LTD and merge the two companies' operations.

Mr. Ben Yehuda is the chairman of Ben Yehuda Jewelry and Magnolia Group.

Tomer Reizberg

Tomer Reizberg

(Chief Executive Officer), age 46

Tomer Reizberg has been part of the Magnolia management team since joining as COO in 2003 where he was responsible for the operations and sales activities in Israel.  He became CEO of the Israeli operations in 2009 overseeing all business activity in Israel whilst simultaneously acting as VP Logistics for the Group.  In 2013 he was appointed CEO of the Group with overall responsibility for all the Israeli and international business and he also serves on the board of the Portuguese subsidiary.

Tomer previously held a position as an analyst in B. Gaon Holdings Group, specialising in investments in internet technology companies. He holds an MBA from Edinburgh Business School of Heriot-Watt University, (international program) and a Bachelor's degree in Business and Administrative proficiency in Information Technologies from the Inter Disciplinary Center of Herzlia.

Chaim Vertzberger

Chaim Vertzberger

CFO (Chief Financial Officer), age 63

Chaim Vertzberger joined the Group in 2009 as Group Controller and is responsible for the Groups financial control and functions.

In 2016 he was appointed as the CFO of the group.

Previously, Chaim was the CFO of ID Design for 8 years, a furniture and home design retail business and has held financial management positions in the industrial, manufacturing and retail sectors.

He is a qualified CPA (Israel), with a degree in Economics and Accounting.

Eldad Peretz

Eldad Peretz

(Chief Operation Officer), age 40

Eldad Peretz has been part of Magnolia management team and board of directors since 2016. He serves as the COO of the group.

He is responsible for the operation activities of the company,

and he is in charge of the jewelry manufacturing and purchasing, worldwide of the group.

Eldad is a Director of the Magnolia group.

Eldad previously help a position as COO of the Ben Yehuda Jewelry Ltd. and was responsible for sales, import &export and other operation activities. He holds an MBA from the Jerusalem College of Technology, a Master’s degree in statistic from the University of Haifa and a Bachelor’s degree in economics & statistic from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Avital Ben-Yehuda

Avital Ben-Yehuda

(VP R&D), age 44

Avital Ben-Yehuda has been part of Magnolia management team and board of directors since 2016, after the activities merge between Magnolia group and Ben-Yehuda Jewellery. He is managing the computer aspects of Magnolia import activities, stock and orders, developing new and improved work methods and solutions. 

Avital previously held a position as a CTO of Ben-Yehuda Jewellery since 2012, building a tailor-made software system to manage the jewelry stock, orders and overall activities.

Before joining Ben-Yehuda Jewellery, he worked as software engineer for eight years (HP Software and NDS Technologies).

He holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Hadassah College in Jerusalem.

Our Jewelry

​We pride ourselves on maintaining a range of nearly 1,500 unique designs at any given location. Only a single piece of each design is on hand at each location so that every woman’s unique taste is expressed in her selection and is unlikely to be found anywhere else.


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Chief Executive Officer